Secure and Reliable

Why SwissDirekt

As a partner of LMAX Exchange SwissDirekt  offers you to trade Forex and CFD’s on an exchange rather then trading through broker dealers in the over the counter market. It is an entirely  new way of trading Fx and CFD’s – with access to live, institutional prices.

LMAX Exchange is authorised and regulated by the FSA as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF). Private and institutional investors can trade directly with no dealing intervention at live streaming institutional prices. LMAX Exchange is a neutral execution venue where buyers and sellers meet, by placing orders and where orders are matched according to our efficient, best-execution, institutional style matching rules.

SwissDirekt  connects you to an open platform with no dealer intervention, no hedging of client positions and no requotes. The platform just matches the best bids and offers.

SwissDirekt is more transparent. Clients execute directly on the exchange and thus benefit from price transparency.

SwissDirekt offers fast and anonymous trading – over 90% of the trades are executed in less than 10ms.